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The Standing Group's activities are co-ordinated by a Steering Committee, which meets twice each year. Nominations and selections are held every three years for vacancies on the committee; others members are co-opted as required. The work of the Steering Committee is supported by several ex-officio members who are responsible for the European Journal of International Affairs, the Newsletter 'International Studies in Europe', the Summer School and the Research Directory.

Nominations to SGIR Steering Committee 2007-2010

The term of office of the present Steering Committee of the Standing Group on International Relations expires in September. At its recent Braga Meeting in May 2007, the Steering Committee decided upon a provisional slate of Nominees to serve as members of the Steering Committee 2007-2010, to take effect from the Pan-European Conference in Turin 2007.

The Nominations list is presented here.

For details of the Procedures regulating the process, and the Requirements of being a member of the Steering Committee, click here.

You are invited to participate in the selection process by offering comment on the existing candidates and/or nominating additional candidates. Your comments will be forwarded to the Nominations Committee.

The Steering Committee welcomes your participation in this process of nomination.

The current members of the Steering Committee are:

Dr. Brigitte Vassort-Rousset
Chair of the Steering Committee 2004-2007
Maitre de Conf�rences en Science Politique, Facult� de Droit, CEDSI - Espace Europe, Universit� Pierre Mend�s-France, Grenoble, France.
Professor Eiki Berg
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Tartu, Estonia.
Professor Ulf Bjereld
Department of Political Science, G�teborg Universitet, G�teborg, Sweden.

Dr. Morten B��s
FAFO, Institute for Applied International Studies, Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Milica Delevic-Djilas
University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Dr. Thomas Diez
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Dr Laura Cristina Ferreira-Pereira
Head of the Political Science and International Relations Research Unit,
Department of International Relations and Public Administration,
University of Minho, Portugal.
Dr. Caterina Garc�a
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Facultat de Dret, Barcelona, Spain.

Professor Stefano Guzzini
Department of Government, Uppsala University, Sweden
Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dr. Heinz G�rtner
Austrian Institute of International Affairs, Vienna, Austria.
Dr. Knud Erik J�rgensen
Department of Political Science, Aarhus, Denmark.

Professor Şule Kut
Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Professor Marina Lebedeva
Chair, Department of World Politics, Moscow State Institute for International Affairs (MGIMO University), Moscow, Russia.

Professor Zuzana Lehmannova
President, Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA); Head, Jan Masaryk Center of International Studies, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic.
Dr. Christian Lequesne
Director, CEFRES (Centre fran�ais de recherche en sciences sociales), Prague, Czech Republic.

Professor Dr. Jan Rood
The Netherlands Institute of International Relations, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Dr. Helena Ryt�vuori-Apunen
Docent, Senior Research Fellow, Tampere Peace Research Institute, Finland.
Prof. Dr. Marjan Svetličič
Head, Centre of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Professor Antje Wiener
Professor of Politics & International Relations, Department of European Studies & Modern Languages, University of Bath, United Kingdom.

Prof. Dr. Jaap H. de Wilde
Center for European Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science, Amsterdam.

Dr. Justyna Zajac
Institute of International Relations, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland.

Dr. Bernhard Zangl
University of Bremen, Germany
Ex-Officio Member: Christopher Jones
Editor of the Newsletter International Studies in Europe, Webmaster

Ex-Officio Member: Prof. Barry Buzan
Editor of the European Journal of International Relations
London School of Economics.
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EJIR Associate Editor: Dr. Robert Falkner
London School of Economics.
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EJIR Associate Editor: Dr. Kimberley Hutchings
London School of Economics.

Steering Committee membership