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The Standing Group on International Relations of the ECPR welcomes you to its website.

Here you can find all the activities of the SGIR: the Steering Committee, the European Journal of International Relations, our Newsletter, the annual Summer School, and the Pan-European Conferences.

What is the SGIR?

The SGIR is a broad-based network of scholarly activities relating to the study of international relations. Broad-based is to say that it brings together IR specialists from many sectors of activity - universities, independent research institutes and public administration - and from all over Europe. The activities are above all the European Journal of International Relations, our tri-annual conferences, our newsletter, and our annual IR summer school.

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SGIR Steering Committee 2007-2010

At the recent Pan-European Conference in Turin, the outgoing Steering Committee selected new members
from a provisional slate of Nominees to serve as members of the Steering Committee 2007-2010.

The SGIR Steering Committee for 2007-2010:
Eiki Berg
Morten Boas
Anna Caffarena
Noe Cornago
James Davies
Thomas Diez
Petr Drulak
Volodymir Dubovik
Johan Eriksson
Elise Feron
Laura Cristina Ferreira-Pereira
Professor Stefano Guzzini
Heinz Gartner
Knud Erik Jorgensen
Sule Kut
Andreas Noelke
Henk Overbeek
Sergei Prozorov
Helena Rytovuori-Apunen
Zlatko Sabic
Brigitte Vassort-Rousset
Antje Wiener
Justyna Zajac
Bernhard Zangl

Dr. Brigitte Vassort-Rousset had previously been confirmed for a second term as the Chair of the Steering Committee of the SGIR.

SGIR Mailing list
We've upgraded the SGIR Newsletter Mailing list.
Turin Paper Prize
The Steering Committee of the SGIR is pleased to announce that Jennifer Erickson (Cornell) was awarded the prize for the best student paper presented at the 2007 Pan-European Conference in Turin.