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The Standing Group on International Relations of the ECPR welcomes you to its website.

Here you can find all the activities of the SGIR: the Steering Committee, the European Journal of International Relations, our Newsletter, the annual Summer School, and the Pan-European Conferences.

What is the SGIR?

The SGIR is a broad-based network of scholarly activities relating to the study of international relations. Broad-based is to say that it brings together IR specialists from many sectors of activity - universities, independent research institutes and public administration - and from all over Europe. The activities are above all the European Journal of International Relations, our tri-annual conferences, our newsletter, and our annual IR summer school.

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SGIR Steering Committee 2007-2010

At the recent Pan-European Conference in Turin, the outgoing Steering Committee selected new members
from a provisional slate of Nominees to serve as members of the Steering Committee 2007-2010.

The SGIR Steering Committee for 2007-2010:
Eiki Berg
Morten Boas
Anna Caffarena
Noe Cornago
James Davies
Thomas Diez
Petr Drulak
Volodymir Dubovik
Johan Eriksson
Elise Feron
Laura Cristina Ferreira-Pereira
Professor Stefano Guzzini
Heinz Gartner
Knud Erik Jorgensen
Sule Kut
Andreas Noelke
Henk Overbeek
Sergei Prozorov
Helena Rytovuori-Apunen
Zlatko Sabic
Brigitte Vassort-Rousset
Antje Wiener
Justyna Zajac
Bernhard Zangl

Dr. Brigitte Vassort-Rousset had previously been confirmed for a second term as the Chair of the Steering Committee of the SGIR.

EIRSS - Summer School
The 2008 European International Relations Summer School on Trans-Atlantic Relations will be held from the 7th to the 19th of July 2008 in Istanbul.
Details here.

SGIR Mailing list
We've upgraded the SGIR Newsletter Mailing list.